How Technology is Transforming Lives for Those with Limited Mobility

It can be very challenging for those with limited mobility to cope even with simple daily things. There are different types of issues people are facing, such as physical and mental.

The right assistance depends on the needs. The great thing is that there are new technologies that can assist and make lives much easier for those suffering from some condition. For example, a new model of power wheelchair that you can check on

Limited mobility is especially a serious problem. There are people with outstanding skills and significant academic achievements who are suffering only because they don’t have the right assistance that will help them move and travel. Here are some new technologies that will soon change that.

Wheelchair You Can Control With Eyes

Wheelchair You Can Control With Eyes

Even though having a modern type of wheelchair is great by itself, automation with most recent software can improve it even more. In combination with the electric engine, this innovation can completely change the lives of disabled people.

Moreover, the biggest advantage is for those with serious health conditions where both legs and hands are disabled or limited. This type of technology works in combination with sensors and cameras integrated in the wheelchair and connected to the person by a smart device.

There are many other options that will make this solution even better. For example, with the combination of AI and Augmented Reality, along with the most recent hardware and software, you can quite easily control where you will move and at what speed.

3D Printed Prosthetics

There are different models already available. Some of them can provide support, but we also have to mention the high-tech versions that are connected to the body and nervous system. A prosthetic hand, as example, can actually hold things, and a person can easily control it.

Furthermore, we expect to see much more in the future. Experts are working on new models that will connect to the nervous system, and represent a complete replacement.

Some areas are even more advanced. While we are only making first steps, they could become a reality soon. The best example are exoskeletons. They can be controlled by various methods, such as brain signals, muscle signals, or voice commands.

For example, a tetraplegic man was able to move all four of his paralyzed limbs with the help of an exoskeleton suit controlled by his thoughts.

Devices You Can Control With Speech

Devices You Can Control With Speech

The simple solution for this method is to use a mobile phone or a smartwatch. The process is quite simple as well. Some of the systems that you can control with it are your oven, elevator, heating, air-conditioning, lights, cameras, and much more.

Moreover, there are possible upgrades for the disabled that will connect even more things and allow their control simply by speech. For example, the IoT is expected to add more to this area.

Vehicles with Autopilot

The most popular model in this category is Tesla. Also, a lot of other brands are presenting their new models with the same feature. We expect that most cars will have it in a decade or two.

Convenience is the main benefit for a regular driver, but this technology is a breakthrough for those with limited mobility since they will become less dependent on additional assistance from other people.

It Will Help Them Get New Jobs

Educate from Home

Imagine someone with a disability to work as a journalist. Well, that is now possible with a wide range of devices and prosthetics that will help such a person to write, speak, and travel whenever needed. The crucial point is that the line between them and those without any disabilities will become much thinner.

A person who might be talented as a chef in a restaurant can finally follow its dreams by equipping this new tech. The main focus is on breaking the boundaries, and we are getting closer to it with all these innovations.

Moreover, before getting a job, a person must get the right level of education. That will also become much more possible with new tech. For instance, you can educate from home without any difference compared to standard lessons in University.

On the other hand, when there are proper driveways and roads safe for those in wheelchairs, traveling won’t be an issue, and these people can also socialize and enjoy themselves by attending classes in public. That will help them ensure the same possibilities as all other people.

Additionally, advancements in health technology can play a crucial role in addressing some of the 10 Most Common Health Problems in America, ensuring that individuals, including those with disabilities, have access to tailored healthcare solutions, further promoting inclusivity and well-being.

We All Have to Pay More Attention

Hiring a Disabled Person

While all these options are great, the majority of people will also have to pay more attention and focus on providing proper assistance. For example, the construction of buildings with special areas for the disabled so they can use all facilities without any issues.

A friendly environment is crucial as well because it will motivate those with disabilities to get the most from their talents and efforts. There is a stigma that was active for a long time, where hiring a disabled person was like a burden.

That was the main reason why officials started introducing new laws where each company must hire a certain number of people with limited mobility depending on the total number of employees.


The proper selection depends on the level of disability. For example, those with impaired legs can easily solve the problem by using new models of wheelchairs with batteries, or even with eye-control assistance. You can also drive a car only by setting the destination.

It is also important for public institutions and organizations to pay more attention and start sharing more funds to help people with disabilities to get the right assistive equipment. You should be aware that some solutions we mentioned here can be very expensive, especially when it comes to cars with advanced prosthetics.

In the end, the biggest breakthrough is related to prosthetics that are connected to the tissue and nerves. This is one step from making a complete replacement and recovering the disability completely.